Not only is it illegal to drink before age 21, but drinking too much alcohol can impair brain function and motor skills and lead to addiction. Mixing alcohol with illicit or other drugs – even legal ones – can greatly increase the dangers. Combining alcohol with another nervous system depressant like Xanax or painkillers like Vicodin can slow your heartbeat and breathing and may lead to death. Mixing alcohol with stimulants like Adderall or club drugs like Ecstasy can cause heart problems too as well as strokes and convulsions. Cough and cold medicines that don’t need a prescription can mess you up if you abuse them or combine them with alcohol – once again, heart problems and trouble breathing.

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The MEADA Coalition of McLeod County has worked to develop a program called ZAP (Zero Adult Provider) focussed on finding the illegal providers of alcohol minors. Click Here to learn more.